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California’s post-conviction laws are constantly changing. New laws that took effect at the beginning of this year, now make it possible to expunge and/or reduce certain criminal convictions that were previously not eligible for relief!  On the other hand, some doors are closing. Find out exactly what you qualify by following the procedure below.

We start every case by obtaining and carefully reviewing our client’s official California criminal record as kept by the Department of Justice. (This is what the cops and the courts see.)  You can do this right now, with our digital download system.

If you live in California, we’ll use a Livescan electronic fingerprint (cost ~ $40), which is instantly transmitted to the Department of Justice’s record center. Your official California criminal record will arrive in just a few days. (If you live outside California, we’ll immediately email you forms for getting inked fingerprints.)

Within 1 business day of receiving your official criminal record, it will be carefully reviewed by expert California expungement attorney Richard Glen Boire, who will personally create a customized plan that maximizes your expungement benefits.

The complete price to get your official record from the Dept. of Justice plus Mr. Boire’s professional review and record-cleaning plan is just $195 (plus the Livescan cost of about $40).

If you like the plan and want to have us handle your expungement or other record-cleaning matter, the entire $195 will be applied toward your fee.

You can get started right now, by downloading the simple 1-page form to obtain your rap sheet from the Department of Justice. Please select based on whether you live in California or outside California

Why We Don’t Offer “Free Consultations”

Most “Free consultations” by lawyers are really just sales techniques in disguise.  They are designed to feel you out, and then convince you to buy whatever that lawyer is selling. We’re different. Mr. Boire practices law as an honorable profession, not as a sales business.

After 30+ years of expungement and post-conviction practice, Mr. Boire charges a nominal fee of $95 to review your official criminal record and to provide you with a rock solid plan for the best way to achieve your specific goal(s) in the courthouse. We also give you an exact price for handling your case from start to finish. You can take it or leave it, but you’ll know that it is a straightforward expert legal opinion on what is best for YOU.

Why Us? Proven Expertise – No Corner Cutting

Since 1990, the Law Firm of Richard Glen Boire has been helping people achieve their dreams. Learn why our law firm has a national reputation for California expungement success.