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On Christmas Eve, Governor Brown granted full pardons to 3 of our clients! (Plus 2 more recently.) Read a news article about one of our successful pardon applications. >> Click here!

alert Important Client Alert: Governor Brown’s time in office is quickly winding down. The gubernatorial election is November 6, 2018, and he leaves office in January 2019.  So far, Brown has granted over 1000 pardons. If you need a pardon, he’s your best hope in a lifetime. (Former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger only granted 15 pardons; Gov. Gray Davis granted zero pardons; and Gov. Pete Wilson, only granted 13.)  The process to prepare a pardon is lengthy and the Board of Parole Hearings, which investigates pardon applications, is very slow, so time is running out if you hope to have Governor Brown rule on your pardon.

Most people who think that they need a California pardon actually need an expungement rather than a Governor’s pardon. That’s actually good because the odds of receiving a criminal pardon in California are much lower than the odds of obtaining a California expungement. However, for many people – who want to do everything possible to clear their name – a California governor’s pardon is the only option. We can serve as your California pardon attorney and handle everything.

In many cases, the first step is to determine whether you qualify for an expungement rather than a governor’s pardon, and determine whether that will achieve your goals.

If you do not qualify for an expungement, the next step is to determine whether you qualify for a Certificate of Rehabilitation, which provides many benefits, and also serves as an automatic application for a California pardon.

If you do not qualify for an expungement or a certificate of rehabilitation, then we can seek a direct California pardon from the governor’s pardon office. This is also known as “executive clemency.” Applying for a pardon is a long and complex process. However, for some people, a California pardon is exactly what’s needed and is the only remedy that will achieve their goals. Further, the current governor, Governor Brown, is the best hope for a pardon in decades. But you need to act fast.

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If you suffered a conviction in a California court, our law firm will leave no stone unturned in seeking your California pardon. To learn whether we can serve as your California pardon attorney, have your pardon case reviewed by Mr. Boire.

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