“Cheap” Expungement Alert!

Important Consumer Alert

The Law Firm of Richard Glen Boire has been practicing expungement law and post-conviction relief since 1990. During those 30+ years, we’ve seen many expungement “businesses” come and go. Recently, however, a number of especially dangerous websites have sprung up that claim to “erase your conviction” for an unreasonably low low price. Be Careful!

5 Important Things To Consider
When Looking For An Expungement:

1) Make Sure You’re Retaining an *Attorney* – Not a Ripoff Business

A number of the new expungement websites are run by internet business people, not by licensed attorneys. A number of these are not even based in California (for example, a business called “ClearMyRecord” has a fancy web site claiming low low prices and guarantees, but takes 8 weeks to start the process, operates out of Kentucky, and has many complaints filed against it. It changes its name on a regular basis to try and stay ahead of the mounting complaints.

See also complaints alleged against: Removeit.org, Expungement Assistance Services, Hard2Hire, and EAS. Other fly-by-night expungement websites are staffed only by a “paralegal,” or they use a toll-free number to mask the fact that they aren’t even located in California!

Check RipOff Report before you start your expungement. (Search by name of company.)

If you expect privacy, it’s very important that you hire an experienced attorney, not just a business person. The attorney-client privacy privilege applies only when you retain a licensed lawyer.

When you retain our law firm, your expungement is handled by Richard Glen Boire, an experienced California expungement attorney with 30+ years experience and a national reputation for expungement success. It’s all we do. We have offices in Los Angeles and in Davis (just outside of Sacramento). [Verify small_red_arrow Mr. Boire’s 1st Class California Bar Status.]

2) Make Sure Your Attorney is
Experienced & Has a Reputation for Success

Don’t retain a second-rate lawyer with hardly any experience. He or she may quote you a low price or “beat all other prices,” but cheap often comes at an unexpected cost. (See Tip 3 below.)

Our law firm was founded in 1990 and Mr. Boire has 30+ years of hardscrabble courtroom experience. Watch out for unscrupulous expungement mills that claim “10 years experience” by adding up ten new law graduates each with only one year of experience! When a law firm plays sleazy games like, you should run not walk away.

Mr. Boire received his law degree from the University of California at Berkeley (Boalt Hall), one of the top 10 law schools in the nation. He has been quoted in the New York Times, USA Today, and hundreds of other newspapers and magazines. We invite you to verify his Bar number 148189 with the California State Bar Association and compare his record and experience with any other lawyer you may be considering. An expungement will change your life – this is an important legal event that only an expert and experienced attorney should handle.

3) Don’t Trust your Future to the Lowest Bidder

Would you pick your doctor by calling the cheapest one in town? Any doctor or lawyer who competes based on price is downright dangerous. He or she will cut corners to save a nickel, and compromise your future to make a buck. Don’t gamble your future on a fly-by-night expungement business that does everything as quickly and cheaply as possible and just returns your money once they lose. (See Tip 4 below.)

Second, be aware that those “low low prices” have a funny way of increasing once you’ve made your first payment. With our law firm, you can count on the price we state. Our prices never contain any hidden costs or surprise fees. In fact, we provide every client with a written agreement that states the exact price for handling your expungement and spells out exactly what you can expect from us.

4) Don’t Be Blinded By a “Money-Back Guarantee”

Any expungement website that offers a money-back guarantee to all visitors is rolling the dice with your future. What good is a money-back guarantee if they lose your case and destroy your future at the same time? Yes, you get your money back, but you’ll be right back where you started – but even worse. We know because we’ve dealt with many clients who came to us after an expungement business wasted their time and messed up their future. Your future is worth the extra cost of a respected attorney.

With our law firm, we give you an honest evaluation of your case, and we work tirelessly to win every single case. Our success record and our reputation speak for themselves. We are proud of our reputation for success, and the hard work we’ve put in over the past 30+ years. We’ve changed thousands of lives for the better, and we want to change yours.

5) Experience + Trust + Hard Work = Success

When you retain our law firm, we prepare a complete, thorough, and professional expungement petition. We don’t just file a photocopied form and cross our fingers. We prepare a professional legal petition based on your case and your life, and we appear at the court hearing to argue your case and reply to any objections by the prosecutor. (You never have to go to court — we handle it!) We’ve had tremendous success with this method.

If we used shady business practices like some of the fly-by-night expungement business that have popped up lately, we would never have survived for 30+ years. We’ll be here for another 30 years, long after the latest group of websites have come and gone. We’ve been here for thousands of happy clients, and we’ll be here for you.That’s something you can count on!

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