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1 in 5 California adults have a criminal record. We can help you.

(Read our California Criminal Record FAQ for more details.)

If you have ever been convicted of a criminal offense in California, you have a criminal record that will hold you back for the rest of your life, unless you take legal action. Mr. Boire is one of the most experienced & successful expungement attorneys in California. Before we accept any expungement, pardon, or certificate of rehabilitation case, we obtain and carefully review your official California criminal record.

All record reviews are personally done by California Expungement Attorney Richard Glen Boire, with an experienced eye (30+ years) and the express goal of providing you with the maximum benefits possible under the law. With your criminal record in hand, Mr. Boire will provide you with a professional expungement strategy customized for your particular circumstances, and the exact fee for handling your case.

There is no obligation, whatsoever. We simply believe that once you experience our law firm’s professionalism, expertise, and reasonable fees, you’ll positively want our law firm to handle your expungement or other post-conviction case.

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