Our Post Conviction Services

Restore Your Gun Rights

If you have been convicted of a felony (and some misdemeanors), you lose your gun rights for life. BUT, there are multiple ways to restore gun rights even after a felony conviction. We are experts at restoring firearm rights after a felony conviction. If your goal is to hunt and/or protect your family or your property, but you have a felony conviction on your record, Mr. Boire can review your situation and let you know exactly what can be done.

Certificates of Rehabilitation

A Certificate of Rehabilitation restores just about all of your rights, and in many cases will end your duty to register. For most people, a Certificate of Rehabilitation is also the first step toward a Governor’s Pardon. Learn more about a Certificate of Rehabilitation.

California Pardons

We represent clients seeking a pardon from California’s governor. One major benefit of a governor’s pardon is that it is restores lost gun rights.

Felony Reductions

Some felony convictions can be reduced to misdemeanors prior to expunging them. The benefits are many, including you will no longer be a “felon” and it may restore your gun rightsLearn more about having us reduce your felony conviction.

Expunging Your California Conviction

Most of our clients come to us because of our national reputation as experts in expunging misdemeanor and felony convictions. Learn more about having us expunge your conviction, by reading our short expungement fact sheet, or have a look at our longer expungement FAQS below:

Sealing Records of an Arrest

If you were wrongly arrested and never prosecuted, we can petition to have all the records of your arrest sealed and destroyed. Learn more about Sealing Records of an Arrest.

Sealing Records of a Drug Diversion (or DEJ) Case

In 2003, California law was changed to make it possible to seal the records of your case if you were granted and successfully completed drug diversion or a deferred entry of judgment program. Learn more about Sealing Records of a Drug Diversion or DEJ Case.

Expunging Your Marijuana Conviction under Prop. 64

The Adult Use of Marijuana Act (Prop 64) allows you to return to court and get your old marijuana conviction expunged. If your conviction was a felony, we can petition to reduce it to a misdemeanor. Learn more about having us serve as your Prop 64 lawyer.

Reviewing & Correcting Your California Criminal Record

Your official state criminal record is maintained by the California Department of Justice. Learn more about what’s on your criminal record or have our law firm review your criminal record and prepare a complete record-cleaning strategy for you.