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Very professional and responsive.

Not only did they handle my case in a timely manner they were very friendly and open through the entire process."
- K.K.

I’m elated with this outcome...

Wow! That’s great news! I’m elated with this outcome. I feel fortunate that I discovered the great services your firm provides. I’m not sure what I would have done without your help. I will certainly refer friends and family to RGB Law Firm! Again, thank you so very much!
- D.L. San Mateo County

Thank you so much! This is wonderful!!!

You’ve made my night – no – you’ve made my whole year! You can bet I will refer my friends and family to you. I am very pleased with the entire process. You made it fast and friendly and PAINLESS! Thank you again!!
- M.S. Los Angeles County

I've never known anything other than my record.

Thank you all so much for the work you do! I’m lost for words now but I promise the right ones will come to me soon… FYI… Today I also celebrate 19 years of meeting my wife as well as her 34th birthday… What a wonderful way to end the night! Thank you again so very much!
- R.M. San Bernadino County

Wow!! A MILLION THANK YOUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please rest assured, that if anyone needs this kind of legal service Your Firm is on the TOP OF MY LIST. I have no words to tell you how much we appreciate everything you have done for us. May you and yours have a “Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving” Talk to you soon.
- M.A. Los Angeles County

My situation hung over my head for years...

After receiving my expungement papers in the mail today, I am nothing less than awestruck by Mr. Boire’s abilities and that of Sophia and the rest of the team – thank you all !!! My situation hung over my head for many years preventing me from moving forward in my life and career. Mr. Boire was extremely honest with me at the start vis-a-vis expectations, but everything turned out so much better than either of us could have anticipated. I attribute this positive outcome entirely to Mr. Boire’s legal skills and professionalism. This was the best investment I’ve ever made and money well spent. I wish everyone at RGB and Mr. Richard Boire continued success with their truly unique and life changing legal services.
- S.M Sacramento County

Very prompt replies

Mr Boire and his assistant Alex continued throughout the process to be "on top" of the court actions. We were always appraised of the possible consequences and the likelihood of success. The expungement was granted. The prosecutor in this case was given extra time to present her written objections and Mr. Boire had to make an extra trip to the Court, but he prevailed. He has standard rates for his services so the client knows in advance what to expect in terms of fees.
- D.E.

Mr. Boire was very honest..

in his assessment of what they could do for me, and he was right on the money! He delivered what he promised.
- R.W.

They got the job done

It took longer than expected (not their fault) and they explained each step of the process. Thank you!
- J.R.

The service was great

My expungment was completed in a quick and accurate manner.
- Z.H.

The case was completed and successful,

When I had questions regarding the status of the situation that was ongoing with the court, the law firm always replied promptly.
- L.P.


I appreciate your help and professionalism. You will be getting referral business from me. Thank you!
- A.B. Orange County

Great Work!

So glad that I finally did this and *really* impressed with everyone at RGB LAW. Thank you!
- Marcie T.


Thank you for hanging in there and keeping on top of everything. I almost gave up hope! Thank you for your support! I am so excited! I will definitely recommend you to my friends and family.
- D.D. Los Angeles County

It has been very nice to be your client

The service has been excellent. I am glad to have these difficult old problems handled professionally.
- J.D. Sonoma County

Oh my God!!

I am so happy to hear this. Thank you so much for appearing and pleading my case. I really didn’t want to attend, as you know. I am really really happy. This is the best news I’ve heard in a long time. I will definitely pass on your name to others who may find themselves in need of your services. You are the best and I am thankful that I chose you to handle my case.
- R.R. Imperial County

Thank you very much

Please extend my deepest gratitude to everyone in your office for taking a great burden off my shoulders. Please thank Mr. Boire for me for such a wonderful job. Thanks again.
- M.V. Los Angeles County

Thank you for your help and diligence!

Much appreciated!
- A.F. Riverside County

That’s great news

I'm so happy!! Thank you!
- S.P. Los Angeles County

Thank you so much for all your help!

Thank you and the team for handling it so well. I really really appreciate it!
- J.C. Placer County

Thank you so very much

This is wonderful news!
- K.V. Los Angeles

The best news I've gotten

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! I look forward to hearing from you again soon. I hope that you and yours are enjoying the Holiday Season.
- G.C. Orange County

Thank you so much for all your help

I look forward to this all being in the past.
- V.C. San Bernadino County

You were great!

Thank you Sophia! I have never used a law firm online before
- H.N. Kern County

I can’t believe this happened for me

Thank you so much. I am now ready move forward with my life. I have just followed with both jobs and they are forwarding me my offer letters and my life is very happy. I will never forget this and if you ever need someone to advise you on your record management needs please inform me. I will be more than happy to consult
- R.D. Los Angeles

Thank you for your patience.

All lines of communications between your office & us have been really open + informative, + relieved a lot of anxiety on our part — Thanks to Sophia! We couldn’t have asked for any better service. Thank you.
- J&J G. San Bernadino County

I am confident in recommending Mr. Boire

I contacted Mr. Boire’s office regarding my expungement, filled out the online evaluation, received prompt replies to my emails and was on the verge of retaining Mr. Boire for expungement purposes, when I received a most welcomed email from him!! Before I even sent in my retainer, he checked on my case and found out that it had already been dismissed — saving me hundreds of dollars!!! I am confident recommending Mr. Boire–his professional manner, discretion, understanding, and honesty — speak for themselves. Good luck to you!!
- M.N. San Diego County


I will definitely recommend you to anyone in need of your services! I am just so thrilled to have that chapter of my life behind me. Thank you so much.
- S.C. San Diego County

Thank you RGB

I would just like to say thank you very much for everything RGB Law Firm has done for me. Even though I have never meet the team (and I would like to), if i come across someone in the same boat and they are looking for a change, RGB Law Firm is the one I will recommend.
- A.J. Los Angeles County

Thank you oh so very much!

This is such a great news and such a relief in my life. I feel like finally breathe again. I appreciate everything you’ve done for me. Thank you again
- M.A.V. San Diego County

I just wanted to personally thank you..

for all of the hard work that you and your staff did on my behalf. It was a pleasure working with you on this important project! I have already talked with others who have placed themselves in similar situations as myself. I would be honored and pleased to participate in any formal or informal referral process for you and your firm. In fact, if you’re in need a verbal recommendation for any future client, feel free to forward my e-mail address or telephone information to them. Once again much thanks to you and your staff as it was a pleasure!
- D.S. Alameda County

Thank you! That’s great news!

I just wanted to let you know I truly appreciate the non-judgment and professionalism of your firm. If I ever encounter anybody that can benefit from your services without question I will be recommending you.
- S.K. San Francisco

This process has really been a blessing

You guys are such angels!
- M.N. Orange County

I got the job!!!

Thanks again for all your help. I will be telling all my friends about The Law Firm of Richard Glen Boire. You guys are the best, and getting this done has already paid off many times over. Thanks!!!!!
- S.O. Sacramento County

Please accept my thanks..

for all your help and hard work.
- J.J.W. Riverside

Let me say, you folks are SUPER

I’ve had to deal with a number of attorneys recently in attempting to handle business matters (contract review and negotiation, labor law) and it has largely been an exercise in frustration. By contrast, from the moment I found your website, it has been quick, smooth and satisfying. I wish you handled tax affairs, too! Please thank Richard again for his excellent service. I may be in touch again (soon), depending on how things develop.
- -B.

I can now get a job my abilities merit

Thank you!!! I most certainly will recommend your services to anyone who needs them.
- M.S. Los Angeles County

Please extend my thanks and gratitude

ou were a BIG help and I wish you and Mr. Boire continued success!!!!! I will certainly let everyone I know about the professional and expedient service I received from your law firm. Thank you again and I look forward to receiving my court expungement papers
- M.O. Placer County

Hands down unrivaled!

Mr. Richard Boire was very upfront about the whole process including the price & time frame. He went above and beyond in helping me to understand anything I had questions on whether it was regarding my case or paperwork. He did exactly what he said he would do and it got done. Everything was done through e-mail and the response time was great. The staff was also very helpful & polite. As long as you have the patience (because the process does take some time) this whole experience was worth every penny! He is knowledgeable, dependable & accurate. I can now move on happily with my life knowing I no longer have a record. If you are lucky enough to have Richard represent you for your case, you will not regret it!
- Connie

Thanks! Will be going Hunting!

Never thought this day would come. Thanks for everything Mr. Boire. You guys are great!
- M.L.

Trustworthy service

RGB LAW was professional throughout the entire process. They would respond to all of my questions within a day and made it easy to trust them. Thank you for helping me.
- R.V.

Felony Reductions and Dismissals

I just wanted to let others know that there is always hope and it does matter who you hire to clear your record. I had a horrible record in California with three felony convictions. I was told years ago that one of those convictions needed a pardon from the governor. However, upon hiring the law firm of Richard Glen Boire I was advised that all of my felonies qualified for reduction and dismissal. The law firm of Richard Glen Boire handled my case professionally, delivered what was promised, and never asked for a penny more than what was originally quoted. I am happy to say that I am now conviction free and even my gun rights have been restored. The Law firm of Richard Glen Boire is truly the best at what they do. I am truly grateful. Sincerely, LRT
- Lewis T.


I don't know what to say. For once in my life I'm at a loss for words. Wow. I'm stunned. I never thought I'd see this day where another part of my dark past has been removed from hanging over my head. Thank you! Thank you!
- Mike P

Great experience!

Everything was easy and went very smoothly. Very happy with my experience!
- Zach m


Richard, Alex & Sophia are awesome! Answered all my questions promptly, efficiently and pleasantly. They achieved all the goals and outcomes I anticipated. Truly a 5 star law office with an impeccable reputation for results!.
- Maria C.

Thank You for the Excellent Work

Recently I started to look for an attorney to have my felony conviction reduced to a misdemeanor; I wanted to have my 2nd Amendment Rights Restored. I contacted several so-called lawyers who were disappointing to say the least – Then something unexpected happened, I found Mr. Richard Glen Boire’s Law Firm. Immediately I saw that they had a unique way of doing things. I ordered the “California Gun Rights Restoration Plan” and had my DOJ Live scan done. I then met Alex, Mr. Boire’s assistant, who communicated every step and action throughout my case. Within a couple of days after receiving my DOJ record Mr. Boire personally wrote me back with 2 plans to get my rights restored. I could see in the plans that Mr. Boire was well versed in the technical aspects of the law that others may have overlooked, He also shared his 25+ year’s long experiences with cases like mine. Well, what can I say? I went with his plan, got a court date and in about 30 days my felony was reduced to a misdemeanor and my rights restored. Thank You Mr Richard Glen Boire for you fine work! Thanks to you, Alex, you made the process so much better by keeping me in the loop, I very much appreciate all your efforts!
- Dan

Expunged!!! Ready to Finally Move On

Words can not express the relief RGB and his wonderful staff have provided. Professional, quick to respond, and above all else reliable. To those who wake up everyday with their situation looming over their heads, RGB Law Group is the team to remove such burdens. Because of Alex, Sophia, and Mr. Richard Boire I have been blessed with a new day. I am a very skeptical person but can truly say, do not hesitate to reach out to them for your needs.
- MI

Simple, Efficient, Effective

Working with the RGB Law Firm was the best thing I've ever done. They deliver exactly what they promise and their communication throughout the process is superb. I cannot recommend them highly enough
- David K

Amazing and efficient service

Alex and Rich were phenomenal. Their consultation was thorough and promising, they were quick to answer any questions I had, and they kept me completely updated throughout each step of the process. I'm grateful to them that I can finally move on. I'll be passing on referrals to this firm. Thanks again!
- A. H.

Completely Satisfied

I have had a marijuana felony on my record since I was 18 years old (I am over 50 now) and after years of having this conviction occasionally surface to block me from something that was restricted to me as a felon I am happy to report that RGB was able to reduce my felony to a misdemeanor. Even though most all of the communication with RGB is via email - they always got back me with an email response within 48 hours. The trade off for emails versus phone calls or in person consultation is that my RGB costs for this case were at least 50% less than if I had hired a local attorney to handle my case. I highly recommend this firm.
- Gregory S

Completely Satisfied

I have had a marijuana felony on my record since I was 18 years old (I am over 50 now) and after years of having this conviction occasionally surface to block me from something that was restricted to me as a felon I am happy to report that RGB was able to reduce my felony to a misdemeanor. Even though most all of the communication with RGB is via email - they always got back me with an email response within 48 hours. The trade off for emails versus phone calls or in person consultation is that my RGB costs for this case were at least 50% less than if I had hired a local attorney to handle my case. I highly recommend this firm.
- Gregory S

Worth every penny and then some...

Working with RGB (Thank you Alex!!) exceeded my expectations at every turn. I still can't believe the value I was provided for such a small cost. The whole team was responsive, professional and truly wonderful to work with. I would HIGHLY recommend you retain their services if you are in the market - they are the real deal.
- Aaron B.

Easy to navigate

The RGB experience is incredibly easy to navigate through. From start to finish I felt that I was being walked through all the proper steps in not only finding the right lawyer for the job and in the actions required to properly closing my case. I felt that all the work had been done for me and i had zero worries once I knew my case was being worked on by the RGB group
- Jon.A

Wow that was fast

You guys did an excellent job,Alex was very helpful thanks alot I will be referring any of my friends who needs ur service
- I.M

Gun Rights Restored!

March 27, 2018 Richard Glen Boire Attorney at Law Dear Mr. Boire: I am writing to thank you for successfully having my rights restored and my felony conviction reduced to a misdemeanor. I am in awe that you were able to do this because, frankly, I am confident that no other attorney could have done what you did. In fact, over the years I have spoken with multiple attorneys, both in California and Oregon who all told me flat out, it couldn’t be done. I had given up hope and then one day, years after I had given up dreaming, I ran across your web page and decided to seek your help. After several conversations with your firm I quickly realized that you were all willing to fight for me. I couldn’t believe it! After preliminary formalities you worked quickly and efficiently with me to gather the information needed to begin the process of making our appeal to the Court. You skillfully pared down my lengthy historical blabberings into a very concise Petition document to present on my behalf. Then, after only a few months time, I received the good news: My conviction was reduced! My rights restored! So I’m writing now to give you my honest and humble thanks. Not just for winning the battle on my behalf, but for the way you and your staff handled all aspects of the matter with the utmost knowledge of the Law and professionalism, with a little humor thrown in. This event is life changing for me. I want you to know that I appreciate you very, very much. Respectfully, G.M. ps. I also wish to thank Alex. He’s a keeper and represents your firm very well. With excellent communication skills, and a tolerance for silly questions, he projects a very positive and capable image.
- G.M.

They've got it down to a science

These guys are amazing. They know exactly what to do and how to do it. Their process is polished and effective, and communication with their client is excellent. I heartily recommend them.
- L. E.



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