Sex-Offenses That Cannot Be Expunged

The Following “Sex-Offenses” are Not Eligible for Expungement

The following sex-offenses are NOT EXPUNGEABLE under current California law:

Penal Code section 286, subd. (c)
Penal Code section 288 (all subdivisions)
Penal Code section 288a, subd. (a)
Penal Code section 288.5
Penal Code section 289, subd. (j)
Penal Code section 261.5, subd. (d) (felony only – a misdemeanor is eligible)
Penal Code section 311.1
Penal Code section 311.2
Penal Code section 311.3
Penal Code section 311.11

If your offense is not on the list above, learn more here about how to expunge a sex offense.

Sex offenses that cannot be expunged
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Sex offenses that cannot be expunged
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A list of California sex offenses that are not eligible for expunging.

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