Why Us?

We’ve Helped Thousands – We Can Help You!

Here are just a few reasons that thousands of professionals have retained our law firm to handle their California expungement or other post-conviction matter.

Rock Solid Trust – It’s Your Future At Stake

When you retain the Law Firm of Richard Glen Boire, we won’t let you down. Our mission is to help people overcome obstacles in their past, so they can have a better future. That’s all we do, and we do it better than anyone at an affordable price. We think this is very important work.

When you retain our law office, we start working on your case right away, and we handle every aspect or your expungement from the very beginning through the very last court hearing. We’ve built our law firm’s 30+ year national reputation on the fact that we take as much interest in expunging your past as you do. Read our Expungement Client Testimonials.

Don’t Trust Your Future to the Lowest Bidder!

You may see lower prices advertised by some expungement “record erasing” websites and cut-rate lawyers, but we caution you not to trust your future to the lowest bidder or to an inexperienced lawyer. Here are 4 reasons why our law firm should be your choice:

(1) Our fees never contain any hidden costs or surprise fees. In fact, we provide you with a written agreement that states our exact price for handling your case and spells out exactly what you can expect from us.

(2) You get what you pay for. In any industry, you’ll find people and businesses whose only way to compete is to offer you the lowest price. It’s common sense that they will cut corners, provide watered-down service, and make promises they can’t keep. That might work for used car salesmen, but it’s a bad idea when it comes to professionals like doctors and lawyers. Do you really want your doctor or lawyer to be the cheapest one in town?

(3) Professional Service – No Corner Cutting. When you pay a cut-rate lawyer or an internet business to handle your expungement, they’ll cut corners to save a nickel, overlook important aspects of your case, and treat you like a number rather than a person. We’ve seen this time and time again when people come to us *after* they wasted time and money on a cheapie expungement. In the end, those people end up spending much more money than if they just retained us from the start, and that’s on top of all the wasted time and frustration.

(4) Check us with the California Bar Association. We get the job done quickly, professionally, and once-and-for-all. We’re proud of our golden reputation, and we invite you to visit the California State Bar Association’s web site and verify Richard Glen Boire’s first class standing. [Verify  Richard Glen Boire’s California Bar No. 148189]

Our 30+Year History of Expungement Success

With over 30 years of experience focused on benefiting people who have suffered California criminal convictions, our resources, reputation, and experience make it possible for us to handle your case in the shortest time possible and with the maximum probability of success, all at a fee that’s often half of what you’d pay a lawyer who doesn’t specialize in expungements and post-conviction relief.

Our law firm was founded in 1990 and Mr. Boire has 30+ years of hardscrabble courtroom experience. Watch out for unscrupulous expungement mills that claim “10 years experience” by adding up ten new law graduates each with only one year of experience! When a law firm plays sleazy games like, you should run not walk away.

Our trusted name, fair prices, and success record have made our law firm the choice of thousands of people including; executives, nurses, lawyers, teachers, doctors, and thousands of other people from all walks of life. We hope you’ll be our next happy client.

It’s Time, For a New Future

You’re considering an expungement because you want it to improve your entire future. We recognize how important that is. If you’re ready to put your past behind you once and for all, we’re ready to make that happen.


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