Expungements for Professionals

Our law firm specializes in obtaining expungements and other post-conviction relief for professionals.

If you work in a heavily regulated or licensed profession, you need an experienced attorney who is well versed in the California laws governing expungement (Penal Code, § 1203.4, et. seq.) and certificate of rehabilitation (Penal Code, § 4852, et. seq.), but who also understands the complicated bird’s nest of other laws and regulations that govern California professionals. Such laws are spread around the Business and Professions Code, the Government Code, the Education Code, and a myriad of agency regulations.

With over 30 years of experience focused on obtaining expungements and other post-conviction relief for professionals, the Law Firm of Richard Glen Boire knows exactly how to successfully navigate this complicated landscape. We understand that your livelihood depends on it.

Help for Doctors & Nurses after a Criminal Conviction

We’ve expunged convictions for doctors and other medical professionals, including pharmacists, dentists, physicians assistants, EMTs and many nurses (from LVNs and LPNs to RNs). If you are interested in becoming a nurse, you should definitely read our very popular FAQ on Becoming a Nurse after a Criminal Conviction.

For many medical professionals, provisions in the Business and Professions Code allows licensing agencies to deny a license for some criminal convictions even after an expungement.1 But many other licensing agencies are prohibited from denying a professional license based solely on a properly expunged conviction. This is a tricky area of the law, even for an expert.

We’ve obtained certificates of rehabilitation for doctors and nurses who suffered a felony conviction. We’ve also helped pre-med and medical students, who suffered a criminal conviction before entering medical school or while attending medical school. If you are a medical professional you can trust us with your case. No office visit is required. You just have to answer a few emails and we do the rest. Start right now.

Getting into Law School after a Criminal Conviction & Help for Lawyers and Law Students

We’ve expunged felony and misdemeanor convictions for lawyers, law students, and college students who seek admission to law school. We’ve obtained certificates of rehabilitation for lawyers and attorneys when a criminal conviction threatened to bar them from practicing law.2 We’ve also helped many people seeking to enter the police academy, but who needed to restore gun rights lost because of a criminal conviction. If you are a lawyer or future lawyer with a criminal record, we can start your case online, right now.

Obtaining a Real Estate License after a Criminal Conviction

If you work in real estate or are seeking a real estate license with a criminal record, we can help. We’ve represented so many people seeking to get a real estate license that we’ve created a FAQ on that topic. Please see our FAQ on Getting a Real Estate License after a Felony or Misdemeanor Conviction.

Becoming a Teacher after a Criminal Conviction

We’ve helped many teachers (as well as young people seeking to become teachers) after a misdemeanor or felony conviction. Under the Education Code, 3 an expungement is often insufficient for teachers, so in those cases, we’ve successfully obtained our teacher clients a certificate of rehabilitation. If you are in the teaching field or are seeking to become a teacher after a criminal conviction, we can handle your case from start to finish. Get started.

Help for CPA, CFA, Accountant or Stockbroker after a Criminal Conviction

We’ve helped people in the heavily regulated financial sector who suffered a misdemeanor conviction or a felony conviction, including bankers, licensed CPAs and CFAs, accountants, and stockbrokers. Depending upon the type of conviction (felony or misdemeanor) and your specific offense, we may need to obtain a certificate of rehabilitation in order to meet the licensing requirements for your profession. Let us figure out exactly what you need.

30+ Years of Experience on Your Side

If you are in any of the professions noted above or are concerned about the negative effect of a criminal conviction on your professional license, you’ve come to the right place. Rest easy, and let us handle it from here.

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  1.  Just a few examples are Bus. & Prof. Code, § 4955(b) (acupuncturists), 1000-1010 (chiropractors), 1670.1 (dentists), 4301(1) (pharmacists), 2660(d) (physical therapists), 2761 (nurses), 3531 (physician assistants), 2236-2237 (physicians and surgeons), 2963 (psychologists), 3750(d) (respiratory therapists).
  2. See Business & Professions Code, §§ 490, 6102.
  3. See sections 12910 and 12911 of the Education Code, providing that dismissal of a conviction under Penal Code, § 1203, shall have no effect in proceedings by the State Board of Education and local school districts to determine the qualifications of teachers for employment.