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Health & Saf. § 11361.8  Marijuana Liberty

Since 1990, our law firm has fought against marijuana prohibition and specialized in helping people with marijuana convictions move on with their lives.

On November 8, 2016, California voters passed Proposition 64, a major marijuana law reform proposal, which among other provisions, created Health & Safety Code § 11361.8, which makes it possible — for the first time — to reduce an old marijuana sales or marijuana cultivation conviction to a misdemeanor, and thereby restore all rights including (in our professional opinion) lost gun rights.

Long before the passage of Prop 64 and Health and Safety Code section 11361.8, our founding attorney Richard Glen Boire has been a nationally recognized marijuana law expert who has successfully reduced and expunged many marijuana convictions. His Health and Safety Code section 11361.8 Marijuana Expungement and Reduction FAQ is widely cited on the Internet. Mr. Boire is the author of the 1993 underground classic book Marijuana Law and is the author of a national report on the rights that people lose after a felony marijuana conviction.

Restore Your Gun Rights with an HS 11361.8 Reduction!

If you have a marijuana conviction from before the passage of Prop 64, there is a very good chance that we can obtain major post-conviction relief for you, including:

  • Expunge your marijuana conviction, whether a misdemeanor or felony;
  • Reduce your marijuana felony to a misdemeanor;
  • Restore your gun rights;
  • Restore all your civil rights;
  • Restore your eligibility for employment, professional licensing, and student loans.

Having been at the forefront of both marijuana law and expungement law for 25+ years, we guarantee that you won’t find an attorney more experienced, more committed, or more skilled at winning your Prop 64 case.

Our Prop 64 (Health & Safety Code, §11361.8) Fees

Our fee is based on the specifics of your case and your record as a whole. We don’t do cookie-cutter cases, but, please see our fee page as a a general guide.

Once agreed upon, our fee is guaranteed. We never hit you with surprise extra costs. Your fee covers everything, from start to finish of your case, including any and all court hearings (we handle them for you), any and all filing fees and the costs of serving all parties.

No office visit is required and we can do everything with you via email. Our goal, besides winning your case, is to give you zero headaches. When we take your case, the pressure is on our shoulders, not yours.

Interested? We can begin today. The first step is to have us obtain and review your official California criminal record to confirm your eligibility for Prop 64 and to create a plan of attack.  To start your Prop. 64 Reduction & Expungement Plan today, just click below.

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Reduce your marijuana felony under Prop 64
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Reduce your marijuana felony under Prop 64
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California Prop 64 Attorney. 28+ years experience at reducing felony marijuana convictions. End your felon status, restore your rights. Reduce your felony marijuana conviction to a misdemeanor. Seal your old misdemeanor marijuana conviction. Attorney is the well-known author of the book Marijuana Law. Penal Code, § 11361.8.

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We are recognized experts at restoring gun rights lost after a California criminal conviction. Find out exactly what we can do for you.