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With 25+ years of California expungement law experience, our law firm’s resources, reputation, and expertise make it possible for us to handle your expungement or other post-conviction case in the shortest time possible, and with the maximum probability of success. All at an agreed upon fee that never has hidden costs. We put it in writing.

Professional Expungements

You may have seen online expungement “businesses” that advertise one single fee for ANY expungement. These businesses are forced to cut corners, and they treat individual clients like cookie-cutter customers. They do the bare minimum, and along the way often hit you with “unexpected” costs, fees, and extras. (It’s as ridiculous as a painting company claiming that they’ll paint any house for “$595 guaranteed,” without even seeing it!)

We’re Different

Under current California law, there are more than a dozen ways to “expunge” a criminal record or to reduce its negative impact on your life. The right expungement remedy for you depends on your specific goal(s) and your particular criminal history.

That’s why before we take your case, Mr. Boire does a thorough review of your record and creates a custom expungement plan designed to achieve your goals and maximize your expungement benefits. We charge $95 for this personal review, and it’s yours to keep even if you don’t retain us to handle your case. If you do retain us, the entire $95 is applied to our fee.

No Hidden Costs. No Surprises

Based on his review, Mr. Boire will quote you an exact fee, for handling your case from start to finish. It includes the filing fee, handling your court hearing (without you needing to attend), and all other costs and expenses. There are no hidden costs, add-ons, or surprises. Period. In general, the fee to have our law firm handle your all aspects of your expungement is normally $1,500 (for a misdemeanor) and $2,500 (for a felony).

Our client list grows by word of mouth and reputation. We look forward to starting work on your case today.

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Need Immediate Expungement Advice?

If you need to talk to Mr. Boire NOW about your situation and can’t wait for us to get your DOJ report, you can schedule a 20-minute telephone consultation. The fee is $220, and in most cases, you can speak with him todaySchedule a fast-track discussion.

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We expunge your conviction for a flat fee that covers everything from start to finish. 25+ years of happy clients. Start Today.

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