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Richard Glen Boire (RGB) has a national reputation as a California lawyer skilled at restoring gun rights after a criminal conviction.

He has the honor of being admitted to practice before the United States Supreme Court, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal, all California Courts of Appeal, and all California Superior Courts. His professional affiliations include the National Association of Criminal Defense Attorney’s, the NORML Legal Committee, American Bar Association, and the California Bar Association. He serves as Legal Counsel to the Center for Cognitive Liberty & Ethics, and is on the Board of Advisors to numerous criminal justice nonprofits. He is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley, School of Law (Boalt Hall). [Verify  Mr. Boire’s 1st Class California Bar Status.]

RGBMr. Boire’s legal work has received extensive media coverage, including USA Today, BBC Radio, New Scientist Magazine, Seed Magazine, Wired, VICE TV and the New York Times. He is frequently quoted in national and international publications and media.

You will not find a gun rights attorney, or a law firm, more skilled or more dedicated to doing everything possible to overcome the past issues that continue to hold you back.

End Your Confusion Once & For All

All record reviews and gun rights plans are personally done by California Gun Rights Attorney Richard Glen Boire, with an experienced eye (25+ years) and the express goal of restoring your gun rights and providing you with the maximum benefits possible under the law.

Based on Your Official Criminal Record

Your review and plan is based on your official California Department of Justice criminal record.

If you live in California, we’ll use a Livescan electronic fingerprint (cost ~ $40), which is instantly transmitted to the Department of Justice’s record center. Your official California criminal record will arrive at our office in just a couple of days. (If you live outside California, we’ll immediately email you forms for getting inked fingerprints.)

No Obligation

There is no obligation, whatsoever. We simply believe that once you experience our law firm’s professionalism, expertise, and reasonable fees, you’ll positively want our law firm to lead the fight to restore your gun rights.

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Things to Consider:

  • Gun rights can often be restored by reducing a felony to a misdemeanor, but this must be done under the correct code section! For example, a Prop 47 reduction does NOT restore gun rights.
  • With some misdemeanors you lose your gun rights for 10 years. For some, you lose them for life.
  • If you really care about your gun rights, don't play amateur lawyer. This area of the law is filled with misinformation.
  • An expungement has no effect on gun rights. We have, however, restored gun rights for many people who already have expunged their conviction.
  • Total cost is $195, plus the fee (~$40) for a Livescan necessary to pull your official Criminal History Record from the California DOJ.
  • Your full payment of $195 will be applied to any further that Mr. Boire performs for you.

Why We Don’t Offer “Free Consultations”

Most “Free consultations” by lawyers are really just sales techniques in disguise.  They are designed to feel you out, and then convince you to buy whatever that lawyer is selling. We’re different. Mr. Boire practices law as an honorable profession, not as a sales business. His review is an honest expert evaluation of what stands between you and your gun rights.

You can take it or leave it, but you’ll know that it is a straight forward expert legal opinion on what is best for YOU.

A Recent Client Email That We Are Very Proud Of!

March 27, 2018

Dear Mr. Boire:

I am writing to thank you for successfully having my rights restored and my felony conviction reduced to a misdemeanor.

I am in awe that you were able to do this because, frankly, I am confident that no other attorney could have done what you did. In fact, over the years I have spoken with multiple attorneys, both in California and Oregon who all told me flat out, it couldn’t be done.

I had given up hope and then one day, years after I had given up dreaming, I ran across your web page and decided to seek your help. After several conversations with your firm I quickly realized that you were all willing to fight for me. I couldn’t believe it!

After preliminary formalities you worked quickly and efficiently with me to gather the information needed to begin the process of making our appeal to the Court. You skillfully pared down my lengthy historical blabberings into a very concise Petition document to present on my behalf.

Then, after only a few months time, I received the good news: My conviction was reduced! My rights restored!

So I’m writing now to give you my honest and humble thanks. Not just for winning the battle on my behalf, but for the way you and your staff handled all aspects of the matter with the utmost knowledge of the Law and professionalism, with a little humor thrown in.

This event is life changing for me. I want you to know that I appreciate you very, very much.


- G.M.

ps. I also wish to thank Alex. He’s a keeper and represents your firm very well. With excellent communication skills, and a tolerance for silly questions, he projects a very positive and capable image.

"Thank you! Your advice is priceless! I finally, understand what I need to do and look forward to having you help me get my gun rights back! Lets do this!"

Dave C.
Riverside County

"Thank you for hanging in there and keeping on top of everything. I almost gave up hope!  I am so excited! I will definitely recommend you to my friends and family."

Los Angeles County

Get Your Gun Rights Restoration Plan for Only $195

Within 1 business day of receiving your official criminal record, it will be carefully reviewed by expert California Pardon Attorney, Richard Glen Boire, who will personally examine your record, determine what stands between you and your firearm rights and provide you with a professional case evaluation focused on restoring your gun rights once and for all. (He will consider all possible routes, including newly-passed Prop 64.)