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If you’ve been convicted of a misdemeanor or felony in San Bernardino County, our law firm can reopen your case and expunge your San Bernardino criminal conviction. We handle everything, from the very start, through the very last hearing, at a flat price you can afford.

Trusted in San Bernardino since 1990

A successful expungement will improve the rest of your adult life. It’s not something to take lightly or to trust to the lowest bidder. The San Bernardino court has its own local rules when it comes to expungements. And each branch, from Barstow to Victorville, from San Bernardino to Rancho Cucamonga, has different procedures. Misdemeanor expungements are handled one way, while felony expungements are handled another way. After 30+ years of practice, we know all the San Bernardino expungement rules, and we put our knowledge and experience to work for you.

If you’re ready to change your life or escape the mistakes in your past, do it once and do it right. You owe it to yourself to invest in the best San Bernardino expungement lawyer you can hire. We believe that’s us.

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No office visit is necessary. We handle everything, including the court appearances without you needing to attend. Start your San Bernardino Expungement today.

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